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In the mind of the Drygerskunk

WolfSkunk 'STriker' RedWolf's LiveJournal

WolfSkunk 'STriker' RedWolf
7 January 1977
Human male. Loves computer programming/scripting, web design, furry/anthropomorphic artwork, and whacking spammers over the head with a clue-by-four. Can build PC's and tweak hardware. Is not Unit 496 of the Lumber Cartel, since there is no Lumber Cartel. Maintains Slirp (barely). Authors Stalag '99. Admins Comic Genesis. Does commissions. Sells prints. Works full time at Maryland's Transit Administration. Keeps work away from this LiveJournal. Known to be verbose at times. Assumes moron until proven otherwise (blame it on the training he's done being front line Tech Support at a state college). Known to have an odd (and oddly quick) wit. Rags on his dad (and gets ragged on in return). Is getting right-click happy in Firefox.